The five main elements of a good CV

Preparing a good CV is not a difficult task, but it is recommended to take time and effort in order to make a positive impression in that first crucial moment. Since a HR consultant has only 1-2 minutes to review and select the winning CVs in the first round of selection, it is best to observe the following guidelines during the preparation of the CV:

  • The CV should be short, compact and attention grabbing. Nobody has time to read a long and too detailed CV, but it is best to avoid the other extreme as well: a dry and boring data list.
  • Right proportioning is an important factor, a good CV contains the following blocks: personal data, studies, work experience, language skills, computer and other relevant skills and hobbies, as well as interests. Studies and work experience should always be listed chronologically backward.
  • We should check our CV data more than once, as it does not make a good impression if we make mistakes on our resume. Here, what is especially important is spelling. There is nothing worse than a CV containing spelling mistakes!
  • A good quality photo is also essential. The best would be if one cantake a photo with official photographers, which can then be used safely for a few years in case of a job search, or can be uploaded directly to our LinkedIn site.
  • Finally: the CV shall contain reality only! If we misstate our education, previous work experience or language knowledge, we can face the truth during the interview with a lot of discomfort.