The freedom of collegaues – success of the company

Freedom is a responsibility model within the company.

Last week, HaRp's English-language performance at the Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce  and Industry was a great success.

The lecture has covered the theme of keeping the valuable workforce harder and the younger generations are less loyal to their employer than older workers. What can the company and HR leaders do to keep not only their employees but are happy, willing, and efficient to do their daily business?

In the lecture, Anne Bohu, a HR consultant who has been involved several times in the project, shared his experiences.

The introduction of the "freedom-of-charge" model, adapted to domestic conditions, is supported by the 15-year intercultural experience of the Harp.

Further details and consultation on this subject will be provided by our staff at the given contact details.

"Workers, like kids, feel the scam about miles. People can only fold themselves with heart and soul if the liberating leader does not only work for the sake of action, but shows determination and creates an environment that makes people satisfied and at the same time productive. "

October 25, 2018

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