Assessment Center / Development Center

Harp & Partners lends its knowledge and expertise gained in the field of talent search and selection.


The Assessment Center helps you to:


  • identify those people and groups who carry out the successful operation of a company;
  • increase the reliability of evaluation and selection;
  • make objective decisions in accordance with the level of responsibility;
  • compose employee teams, who are capable of cooperating successfully;
  • support the process of selection with external diagnosis;
  • professionalize the leadership evaluation; and
  • adapt to the changes.

The “ASSESSMENT” method is designed to assess employee talents and skills using behavioral evaluation, taking into account the candidate’s matching criteria regarding the current or future job or function. Our analysis and conclusions are summarized in a report (oral and written) in which we strive for clarity and we respect the candidate’s personality in every case.

Realistic situation exercises, psychometric tests, summary of interviews, reports, proposals and evaluations are all services provided by HaRp.


Direct search of middle and top managers

Direct search is the most effective way to conduct selection for management positions. This type of selection is recommended for top and middle management positions, but it can be used for expert positions as well, which require special knowledge and competence.


This method is supported with market research, but of course, we are working through additional channels at the same time; our own database, our business relations and advertising are excellent complements to the selection process. The depth and the complexity of our research ensures our customers, that potential employees come to the forefront, which cannot be discovered with classic selection methods.

In addition to the high efficiency of this selection methodology is our emphasis on discretion. We treat the entire process with confidentiality.

Intercultural trainings

The outcomes of increased intercultural knowledge are more efficient teamwork and it may also increase professional and business success. With our service our clients can achieve:


  • growth in efficiency along with the harmonization of cultural differences,
  • introduction of the concept of ‘intercultural’,
  • benefits of cultural differences resulting better performance.


Who may need intercultural advice:


  • foreign executives of multinational companies (culture specific training);
  • international management;
  • Hungarian teams of multinational companies;
  • employees of domestic companies, who are expanding abroad;
  • staff of companies during merger processes in order to overcome the difficulties arising from the diversity of organizational cultures; and
  • Hungarian companies who have close business relationships with foreign partners.


We believe that a company’s market position can be strengthened with better understanding of cultural differences. The open behaviour of international colleagues and partners can improve a company’s market position and customer satisfaction.

What is important is that managers and employees have wider cultural perspective, overall multicultural communication skills, and cultural sensitivity in order to have professional and business success.

“Opened” trainings

Assertive communication training – assertiveness concept, handling emotions, practical situations.

Intercultural training – mastering effective communication between multinational cultures, recognizing and managing cross-cultural conflicts, misunderstandings.

NEW! Generational Training – the basic characteristics of the different generations and the effective toolkit for a successful collaboration.

NEW! “Get beyond and beyond” – recognizing and approaching difficult-to-manage personalities in a corporate environment, through practical examples, through movie sequences.

Sales Training – Effective Selling Techniques.

NEW! Riding coaching-leader training in riding environment, experience gained through experience.

NEW “About wine culture for Leaders” training – one of the key elements of leadership tool and business communication has become Wine in recent years.

Collaboration with people with changed working ability- training

HaRpartner service

This service is targeted to small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not have their own HR employees.

HaRpartner offers customized HR generalist services at an affordable price.


With HaRpartner, a dedicated HR professional is available for the customer to fully ensure all the human resource tasks (administrative processes, recruitment, development, etc.) are taken care of.

Our company’s advisers are ready to devote time and effort,

because we believe that our professional experience can help your business.

Please contact us for a free consultation meeting!